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Lipo360 Hertfordshire uses up to date modern non-surgical therapies to decrease excess fat, prevent aging.
Strengthen your health and wellbeing.
Choose from one of our many FDA approved treatments – if you are still unsure see below for more info on each one of speak to our Hertfordshire team today!

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Our consultants are extremely busy. We want to be able to give you, our clients, the very best support and advise.

Therefore we ask that you book your online consultation today where we will be able to assess your needs fully. 

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Which Lipo 360 Hertfordshire Treatment?
Why Choose Us?
Lipo 360 Hertfordshire provide a variety of Non-Surgical procedures such as Fat Freezing CryolipolysisHIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound), Cryopen, Body Sculpting and also non-surgical Vaginal tightening therapy &  LIPO360 EMS Chair Incontinence treatment for men and women.
All our treatments are not-invasive and in-surgical. There is no hospital time or downtime needed. You could have your treatment and go home or back to work on the same day!
Phone our Lipo 360 Hertfordshire team today to begin your self on the pathway to appearing great as well as emotion fantastic.
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